I am looking forward to earning my BSN in December of 2021. I started blogging in January of 2019 to help encourage and support other nursing students as they navigate difficult courses and prepare for the NCLEX.

As a nursing student and student nurse extern I believe that experience is the best teacher. Although working, going to school, attending clinical can be super stressful at times, the experience I have gained from working in the hospital has been invaluable. The best part about being a healthcare blogger is sharing some of tips and tricks as we negative passing exams, preparing for the NCLEX, and making it through difficult shifts. There are SO many resources out there for nursing students and healthcare workers. Some of my personal favorites are @TheNurseSam for creative study guides and nursing merchandise as well as @StephaneeBeggs on TikTok for her 60 seconds of knowledge videos. Of course for my work gear, I love Lumify for those tough night shifts TribeRN for badge-card essentials.

Transparency is very important to me especially through these difficult times we are facing in the healthcare community. I believe we should be honest about the struggles we are facing as a community to let others know they are not alone. Through sharing these stories, it allows nurses and nursing students from all around the country to learn and overcome similar struggles.