Stephanie is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's ABSN program and she's currently working as a New Grad CT Surgery Stepdown Nurse in North Carolina. In her time outside of nursing she's a passionate mental health advocate and volunteers with the Crisis Text Line.

There are so many resources and products geared towards healthcare pros today and I love getting to test out as many of them as possible to share with my community.

Some of my favorites for working my 12 hour shifts obviously include the Lumify Care UNight Light (Code LUMIFYSTEPHANIE for 10% off one of your own), my Clove sneakers & compression socks, and my Littmann stethoscope.

In terms of scrubs, my favorites are the Uniform Advantage Exclusive brands (Code UAXSTEPHANIEBSN for $$ off) and the Jaanuu brand.

For some fun apparel that I wear outside of the hospital that's still healthcare themed, my favorites are Lubdub Apparel, BBandCo and Riot Healers (Code RHXSTEPHANIE10 for 10% off).

Outside of nursing I love to workout and both Athleta and Lululemon do healthcare worker discounts, so I buy a lot of my workout clothes from there, but I also love the new Aerie Offline collection! I'm always looking for new things to try so I can't wait to hear about the rest of the community's favorites as well :)