Fifth Window

Fifth Window (formerly WellNurse) is a nurse-led and women-led startup on a mission to bridge the longstanding gap between nurses and self-care resources. Our current platform is a mobile wellness app designed by nurses, and for nurses, equipping them with curated self-care practices and a supportive community to reduce work-related stress and burnout. As the winners of the Resiliency & Self-Care Challenge at the first NurseHack4Health COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon, our team of nurses continued to build what is now Fifth Window. As a nurse-led company, Fifth Window prioritizes the creation of a wellness hub that is nurse-led, nurse-designed, and nurse-loved. 

Our app is called Fifth Window as a representation of the psychological, physical, professional, and organizational dimensions of well-being. “Fifth Window” represents the fifth dimension of well-being, which holistically encompasses all areas of well-being for nurses. We're here for you!

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