Lead HealthStaff

Hello clinicians!

We are Lead Health; lovely to meet you. If you haven't heard of us, allow us to introduce ourselves. Since 2009, we have been leading (pun intended) a charge towards calling a code brown on the staffing status quo. Our crusade to help give nurses the respect and the lucrative pay they deserve; Sadly still a radical idea, but we are working on that too! We're working to put shady practices in the rear view and the power back in nurses' hands. To do that, we've been growing our team with love and gratitude, so we have the right kind of people working to create a community of nurses to consult on how best we can dismantle the very system that has brought us together! Go, team!

We like to think of ourselves as the new age of staffing: scrappy, innovative, and inclusive! We deliver on contract wants and needs (of course); those are givens, but we also take special care to ensure the entire travel nurse adventure is a clear, fun, and rewarding experience. We are working to bring care and compassion back into staffing without compromising efficiency. With Lead, nurses don't have to choose between human connection and years of experience - because you all deserve both. 

In short, the Lead experience is different. 

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