Nurse Brain Sheets

Nurse Brainsheets were designed to help nurses organize and take control of busy shifts. The Nurse Brainsheet notebook combines both a thorough assessment
page and an hour-by-hour planner for each patient that allows you to track vitals, medications, procedures, labs, and incoming orders all in a highly organized manner.

Mary, a stepdown nurse, was tired of keeping important patient details scribbled on a sheet of paper in her scrub pocket and trying to decipher her notes during morning report.  When she looked online for a solution, she found several organizational tools geared towards doctors, but nothing built just for nurses. After making a dozen prototypes and testing them on the job, our product was born. We are proud to have our brainsheets made in the USA and designed and printed by women owned businesses. 

Each notebook can hold 70 patients worth of data.  Depending on the type of nursing you do, we would expect each book to last you 4-6 weeks.

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