Pro Compression

The idea for PRO Compression came to co-founder Eric Smith while competing in IRONMAN events. As a big believer in compression apparel for performance and recovery, he felt that athletes in other sports should have access to the same benefits. Eric teamed up with co-founder, Jeff Pennington, and after further research and discussion, it became clear that the benefits of compression garments surpassed the world of athletics. Now, over 10 years later PRO Compression has become a household name in the medical world. Designed and made in the USA, our compression socks improve circulation, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness and swelling, and help with reducing the development of varicose veins. PRO Compression offers premium compression socks for all your activities. Whether you need compression socks for working on your feet all day, running, walking or home workouts, we have a pair for you.

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