Up at Dawn

Founded by an Emergency Room Nurse, Up At Dawn's vision was to add versatility to the compression sock options for health care workers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and mama's-to-be.  Inspired by the rich flora and fauna of Hawaii, Tesla aimed to create a product representing this tropical beauty of the islands.  The 'PAU HANA' collection was the first to launch with the words written on the underside of each sock representing the celebrated Hawaii expression of being "off work" or "done with work" and intended to be a motivating factor for those long and exhausting shifts.  The 'ALOHA VIBES' collection offers prints inspired by the beauty of the island of Kauai, where the founder spent many memorable years of her youth.  Tesla is so grateful for all the support of this small business over the past two years and is excited to watch it transform and grow.

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